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Thursday February 23, 2017

Jason Tutors - "Every student deserves success"

I offer math tutoring as well as SAT and ACT prep.

I am a private tutor in the piedmont area of North Carolina. I help students succeed in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and science classes and I offer standardized test prep. Through solving problems, students of all ability levels gain confidence and discover that learning is exciting, rewarding, and fun.

Allow your student to become a better learner, independent thinker, and more successful student. All tutoring sessions are one-to-one so students receive individualized instruction and undivided attention.

In a one-to-one tutoring environment, students:

  • Learn how to study more effectively
  • Learn how they learn best
  • Go beyond completing their work, they understand it
  • Feel more comfortable asking questions
  • Develop the ability to become self directed learners
  • Learn how to stay organized in their physical and metal space
  • Form habits that extend beyond tutoring sessions

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If your child is having difficulty in a crowded classroom and is not receiving the individualized attention needed to be a successful learner, I can help. I specialize in problem solving classes such as math and science. I focus on study skills, organization and test taking strategies and promote their practice in every session.

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